Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Classroom Rules

Here's the 2008-2009 revision of The Twenty Commandments. I shouldn't have to spell out the classroom rules as specifically as I do, but experience tells me that "Be Respectful" needs a tad more explanation.

On Classroom Conduct
1. Enter class on time, sit down in your assigned seat, have your signed homework or returned quizzes ready for collection, and follow any on-screen instructions.
2. Take notes for all lectures in a composition book used for Math only.
3. Do not be out of uniform.
4. Do not touch anyone else’s property.
5. Do not move or vandalize any furniture.
6. Do not litter.
7. Do not leave your seat without permission.
8. Do not ask me to go to the office or another classroom.
9. Do not eat food, candy, or chew gum.
10. Do not pack your books before the bell rings.

On Speaking Respectfully
11. Do not speak unless it concerns Math content.
12. Do not speak negatively about or towards each other or tell each other what to do.
13. Do not use disrespectful body language.
14. Make and keep eye contact when talking or listening to someone.
15. Do not call me from across the room. When asking or answering a question, you must raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged before speaking.
16. When addressing me, use one of the following: Mr. Abraham, Mr. Abe, or Sir.
17. Don’t ask ridiculous questions.
18. Don’t give ridiculous answers.
19. All answers must be stated in detailed, grammatically correct, complete sentences.
20. When being corrected, do not say, “But they…” Talk to me after class if you would like to report another student’s misbehavior.

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